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From Dream A concert in Sapporo. MC Part.

Aiba : It;s not a joke. ABout 20 minutes before the show…**stop coz jun come closer and was about to kiss him which u see, aiba give a respond to it. I’m kya-ing at this part. Junba moment**

Ohno : We won’t lose against that

Nino : Later…Let’s do it later..**Ohmiya…yayyyy…hehehe**

Jun : What a sick group…

Sho : **Laughed happily…..**

By Tardis, broom, or Dean's Impala??: For all those asking about the details of how I met Arashi


I go to a camp in a studio in NYC and I was going to buy a water when I passed by a bunch of Japanese guys and I realized one of them had a familiar face. Knowing that Arashi was in NYC, I thought to myself, “is it possible” and kind of walked backwards to look again and realized that the familiar…

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